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Technology R&D Center

Bacteria R&D

The planned Jinchan Dashan Industry Research Institute covers an area of 7,000 square meters with a total investment of 20 million yuan. The scientific research personnel mainly come from Guizhou Jinchan Dashan Biotechnology Co., Ltd., Guizhou Academy of Agricultural Sciences, and People's Government of Nayong County. 

According to functions, the Industrial Research Institute consists of laboratories for bacteria separation, screening, mushroom evaluation, and bacteria quality testing, researcher office, raw material warehouse of bacteria production, batching room, sterilization room, cooling room, inoculation room and incubation room. 

The Industrial Research Institute is mainly engaged in the research and development of bacterial breeding technology, system construction of production and supply of mother plants, original species and cultivars, research and integrative demonstration promotion of cultivation technique for rare edible fungi, R&D of initial and deep product processing on rare edible fungi in the place of origin, and the introduction, digestion, absorption and innovative utilization of new varieties and new techniques of rare edible fungi in the whole province. The future goal is to provide R&D and provenance basis for developing edible fungi for Jinchan Dashan and Guizhou Province.

Under the guidance of relevant experts from Guizhou Academy of Agricultural Sciences and the efforts technical staffs from Industrial Research Institute, agricultural technicians can often go to the field to guide production with various forms of technical training after tough technical researches.