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Baishan people's congress standing committee director li yuzhong walked the grassroots research black fungus industry

Company news
2018/09/06 11:30
Recently,thejilinbaishanLiYuzhong,directoroftheNationalPeople'sCongressstandingcommitteeofaline,tothesnowlandareaZhaZitowninavillageisthecrucialresearchpoverty Itisunderstoodthatbabaovillagetakesadvan

Recently, the jilin baishan Li Yuzhong, director of the National People's Congress standing committee of a line, to the snowland area ZhaZi town in a village is the crucial research poverty


It is understood that babao village takes advantage of the geographical environment to develop black fungus planting. This project adopts various ways of production and operation, such as cooperatives, village collective and villagers' shares cooperation, and purchases the finished product bacterial bags produced by dasheng group, signing the recycling order agreement with the company. Li yu faithfully inspected the black fungus planting base and talked with farmers like zhao zifeng. He pointed out that the cultivation of black fungus is in line with the actual ecological and green development of this city and has a good development prospect. We should expand the scale and build brands through various means, such as setting up cooperatives, so as to lift people out of poverty and get rich.


The village has introduced the project of anti-pollution agaricus bisporus cultivation anti-poverty demonstration park to support a group of farmers with the intention of development to develop agaricus bisporus cultivation industry. Li yuzhong walked into the demonstration park to see the progress of the park in detail. He pointed out that poverty alleviation efforts should be driven by both industries and leading enterprises. The construction of the park can drive the employment of the surrounding farmers, and at the same time play an exemplary role, relying on leading enterprises to drive the industry.


Li stressed that we should take overall responsibility for poverty alleviation through scientific planning, fulfill our responsibilities, do a good job in various fields and spare no effort to win the battle against poverty so that the poor people will be lifted out of poverty and become rich at an early date.